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What is MetaMask?

Users can opt out of those that may seem privacy sensitive, such as requests for private keys, transaction data, or IP addresses, as part of MetaMask’sprivacy policy. If you want to set up a crypto wallet, it’s essential to know and consider the differences between software and hardware wallet types. Software wallets can be downloaded and installed as either a desktop extension or mobile app and store their digital assets online. One of the benefits of a software wallet like MetaMask is that it’s highly user-friendly and only requires an internet connection and a browser. However, this also means they’re more susceptible to hacks and thus less safe than hardware wallets. While all leading cryptocurrency wallets provide a high level of security for safekeeping your crypto assets, improper security practices on behalf of the user can lead to a complete loss of funds.

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Hardware wallets are physical devices similar to a USB drive, but they only store crypto assets and nothing else. Because they store digital assets offline, they’re considered far safer than software wallets. Although it’s a software wallet, MetaMask’s desktop extension supports Trezor, Ledger, Lattice, AirGap Vault, and Keystone hardware wallets. This means you can use MetaMask as an interface to request crypto and NFT transactions to the hardware wallet of your choice, which is a safe way to manage your assets.

I hope the code is simple enough so that you can easily port it to other tech stacks. The how will hopefully convince you that it’s secure, so I’ll keep the why part short. You can now access your wallet by clicking on the MetaMask icon at the top-right-end corner of your preferred browser. The Ledger Nano X is a new Bluetooth enabled secure device that protects your crypto.

Bitcoin is the best-known example of a coin that comes into circulation through mining. Doge and Litecoin are also well-known coins in this list. Once your funds are on the C-Chain, you can send the AVAX from your Avalanche wallet to your MetaMask wallet. ICO Drops receives a fee for advertising certain token sales, in which case such listing will be designated accordingly. After installing MetaMask, the setup will automatically open a new task with a welcome screen. MetaMask will popup asking for permission to add a a custom network.

Once your accounts are connected, you’ll see all your assets across these chains in one place, with more networks coming soon. While connecting to the dapp only works for MetaMask users , non-MetaMask users can still utilize Portfolio View by using the “watch any account” feature. In March 2021, MetaMask introduced a swap feature, allowing users to exchange their tokens for others from different decentralized exchanges at competitive rates. Try to get a hardware wallet if you have valuable crypto assets. These options levy a 3% transaction fee in addition to putting a cap of USD 500 on weekly transactions. A private key is your proof that the funds in a wallet are actually yours.

We introduced in this article a one-click, cryptographically-secure login flow, with no third party involved, called “Login with MetaMask”. We explained how a digital signature of a back end-generated random nonce can prove ownership of an account, and therefore provide authentication. We also explored the trade-offs of this login mechanism compared to traditional email/password or social logins, both on desktop and on mobile. MetaMask is a cryptocurrency wallet but also a web browser extension used to store, send and receive Ethereum and ERC20. In other words, it allows users to make Ethereum transactions through regular websites.

What is MetaMask?

You’ll also pay fees assessed by the blockchain networks that support your cryptocurrency, which can vary significantly depending on market conditions and which asset you’re using. If you’re already an experienced crypto trader, importing from an exchange will be the most direct option for you to transfer tokens into MetaMask. Copy your MetaMask wallet address (that long string of numbers below “Account 1”) before heading over to your preferred exchange and plug that address into the “send” feature.

If you’re wondering, no, you can’t buy Bitcoin with MetaMask. It only supports Ether and other Ether-related tokens, including the famous ERC-20 tokens. Cryptocurrencies on Ethereum are built as ERC-20 tokens. • Generate passwords and keys on your phone and keep your accounts secure.

First, you’ll start with a fresh and default MetaMask installation from the Chrome store. After downloading, installing, and initializing the extension, follow the Get Started guide. In there, you need to create a wallet, set a password, and store your secret backup phrase .

  • It said this is necessary for the wallet to be able to provide the service.
  • There are some standalone mobile browsers which inject web3—basically MetaMask wrapped up in a browser.
  • MetaMask can support Ethereum and any of the more than 500,000 tokens built on its software.
  • Because they store digital assets offline, they’re considered far safer than software wallets.

Then you’ll be prompted to install the MetaMask extension on your browser. You can also download the mobile app on your phone to get started. MetaMask is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, and Brave browsers, as well as iOS and Android phones. It also connects with hardware wallets like Trezor and Ledger, so you can use cold storage to keep your funds safe. Users will need to remember their password and a 12-word secret recovery phrase to access their account.

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We’re excited to finally bring you the Portfolio Dapp for an even better MetaMask experience. The wallet, which has over 10 million active users, plans to start collecting users’ Ethereum and IP addresses following its privacy policy update. Full BioLucy Adegbe is a Content Writer with a major focus on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency trading.

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Unfortunately, MetaMask is not compatible with the Bitcoin blockchain. Additionally, some users dislike that MetaMask doesn’t have 2FA and will not be able to assist you with account recovery if you forget your password and secret recovery phrase. While lack of customer support is common for decentralized finance products, it’s still important to consider. MetaMask is a crypto wallet built for the Ethereum blockchain that stores ERC-20, ERC-721, NFTs, and other ETH-based tokens.

In addition, the wallet does not support Bitcoin, making it a turn-off for investors whose primary investment is Bitcoin. It said this is necessary for the wallet to be able to provide the service. Finally, at the top of the application, you’ll see your public wallet address. Clicking on that will copy it to your clipboard for convenient use in other applications. You can think of this address as your email address rather than your bank account number.

Be careful of phishing and email vulnerabilities if you also connect your browser to an email account. MetaMask is still a hot wallet, meaning it’s connected to the internet and will always have some level of vulnerability. One common criticism of MetaMask’s service is its lack of two-factor authentication. The security and access to your wallet relies solely on your ability to remember your password and keep it secure. If you slip up and expose your wallet to phishing or scams, MetaMask will send you to Asset Reality, an asset recovery firm, to attempt to track and recover funds. Keep in mind that your data is encrypted on whatever device you use MetaMask on, so your security also depends on browsers, phones, and other devices.

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There is a lot more to learn when it comes to buying, selling, and holding cryptocurrencies and NFTs. This guide is meant to help walk you through the very first step of creating your first crypto wallet, and by means is it a comprehensive guide transacting with the cryptocurrencies themselves. Here’s a step-by-step walkthrough for setting up your MetaMask wallet on the Chrome browser in five minutes. Although things may look slightly different for other browsers, this should give you a good idea of what you’ll need to do. Decentraland, that will all be accessible via your MetaMask wallet. However, you’ll need to have your wallet connected in the app in order to use them.

This is the most secure way to store crypto because hackers cannot access something that’s not connected to the internet. You can also download the mobile app to manage your crypto on the go. Despite being one of the most popular cryptocurrency wallets in the Ethereum ecosystem, MetaMask’s customer support is limited to technical issues experienced when using the wallet on a personal device. While support is not live, users can get help via the self-help center, community message board, email, or ticket system. MetaMask has just one way of recovering a single wallet across multiple devices.

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However, Ethereum, a gigantic decentralized ecosystem, is for the masses. And MetaMask is a free, open-source, hot wallet to get you rolling with Ethereum. And MetaMask is a wallet for the most diverse blockchain in existence–Ethereum. It’s your gateway to its DeFi ecosystem, non-fungible tokens , ERC-20 tokens, and practically–everything Ethereum. As of November 2021, MetaMask’s browser extension had over 21 million monthly active users, according to Bloomberg. IP addresses stand for Internet Protocol address and allow each computer to communicate and be identified over a network.

Because it is a decentralized wallet, transactions can only be completed using the liquidity provided by liquidity providers, without relying on third-party partners. This feature differentiates it from platforms such as the bankrupt FTX that solely relied on Alameda Research for liquidity, and subsequently used customers’ funds indiscriminately. The basic idea is that it’s what is anything app cryptographically easy to prove the ownership of an account by signing a piece of data using a private key. If you manage to sign a precise piece of data generated by our back end, then the back end will consider you the owner of that public address. Therefore, we can build a message-signing-based authentication mechanism with a user’s public address as their identifier.


Start at the MetaMask website, where you’ll find instructions on how to download the wallet as well as a list of browsers compatible with the MM browser extension. Currently, MM can be used only on Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Microsoft Edge or as an app via an Apple or Android device. Etsy is no longer supporting older versions of your web browser in order to ensure that user data remains secure.

Bitcoin is one of the most popular blockchains that many crypto users will interact with. If you sign up for MetaMask but wish to engage with the Bitcoin blockchain, you’ll need to sign up for another wallet service. The Coinbase mobile app, for example, is a crypto wallet that allows you to trade on both the Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains. MetaMask has over 30 million users who enjoy its digital wallet service. Its popularity can be credited to the wallet’s simplicity and privacy; users don’t even need to enter an email address to get started.

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MetaMask is a software wallet made specifically for tokens and dapps on the Ethereum blockchain. By encouraging users to read the fine print , MetaMask hopes the update will raise awareness of Web3 fraud and help prevent people from losing their digital assets to bad actors. After you’ve collected some NFTs, they will live inside your wallet and can be found via your OpenSea page , or under the NFT tab on the MetaMask mobile app. You can learn more about how OpenSea works and how to set up an account on the platform via its support page. This time, you’ll want to choose the “Import Using Seed Phrase” option and input the private key you previously saved during your initial MetaMask setup. The next step after selecting a password does involve your seed phrase — or “secret backup phrase” — so act with care.