4 Free Nonprofit Budget Templates For Your Organization To Smoothly Manage Finances

best free budgeting tool for nonprofits

If you have been going along without a project management tool, make this the year you adopt a tool and make it work for your organization. It is a challenge to get everyone on board, but a team cannot work at maximum efficiency without a tool everyone uses. Once you and your team get used to the tool, you will be more productive and have fewer frustrations when someone drops the ball. Let’s budgeting for nonprofits take a look at how you could use Zapier to facilitate administrative tasks. Let’s say every time a donor makes a donation larger than $1,000, it’s your organization’s policy to add them to a spreadsheet tracking major gifts. Any time someone makes a major donation online, this donor will be automatically added to your major gifts spreadsheet – making sure nothing slips through the cracks.

  • It’s easy to use, so even if you have no bookkeeping experience, you can navigate the program and take advantage of its features to manage your organization’s finances.
  • With everything consolidated, you can track inter-entity transactions to improve reporting and donor-dollar traceability.
  • Check TechSoup to see if you qualify for a discount for your first year of usage.
  • It also analyzes your bills and looks for ways you could potentially save and find better deals on monthly expenses such as your phone bill, cable services, and Internet service.
  • Besides the SEO help, it also rates your content on readability.
  • However, there is a cloud-based, browser version called OnDemand that works on most platforms including Mac.
  • Even tools designed for less savvy users can be fiddly and take time to figure out.

Yet, we have dozens of tech tools at our fingertips to help speed along our work and keep us organized. The team behind MoneyPatrol is based in Silicon Valley (San Francisco Bay Area) and involves experts from the Financial industry. Free biweekly updates on local, state, and federal policy and advocacy issues affecting nonprofits. Articles and resources on board recruitment and engagement, governance policies, organizational self-assessments, and more. Articles and resources on fundraising, corporate sponsorship, compliance with charitable solicitation registration laws, and more. Articles and resources on conflicts of interest, governance policies, ethical fundraising, ethical leadership, and more.

More Tools to Help you reach your Goals Faster

Keeping track of your money can help you avoid debt, or even help you pay it off. If you don’t currently have a savings or emergency fund to fall back on, utilizing a budgeting app can help you get started. With everything that’s available to you to help manage your money, there’s no reason not to take advantage of them. Try one or more of these great money management solutions and get on your way to reaching your financial goals. Goodbudget uses a traditional envelope approach to budgeting but on a digital platform.

best free budgeting tool for nonprofits

In the daily life of any organization – whether a business or an NGO – a communicator is indispensable, allowing everyone to be in constant contact with each other. Slack is especially recommended because of its feature of creating numerous channels and thematic threads. It works well for organizations with both a dozen and several hundred employees or volunteers. This free solution is worth using in conjunction with Firmbee, described above – the tools can be integrated with each other, ensuring ease of communication between those working for the NGO. The content provided is intended for informational purposes only. Estimates or statements contained within may be based on prior results or from third parties.

MoneyPatrol: Unlock Financial Success with the Best Personal Finance Software

Devotees love the unlimited options and the ability to get the exact features they want. Plans start at $8 a month, and the plan with access to the vast marketplace of plugins starts at $25 a month. TechSoup is a global nonprofit organization that offers discounts and technology solutions as well as IT consulting and courses to nonprofits. When weighing the cost of various technology products, always check the TechSoup catalog and see if a discount is available (because there probably is!).

  • The fund accounting software provides you with different reports that allow nonprofits to manage their operations.
  • Articles and resources on fundraising, corporate sponsorship, compliance with charitable solicitation registration laws, and more.
  • The availability of a free budget software like MoneyPatrol eliminates the need for nonprofits to allocate additional resources for financial management purposes.
  • While it doesn’t have all the features of a professional design program, such as background removal, Pixler does offer the basics, including fill, crop, blur, and smudge tools.
  • MoneyMinder is powered by Nonprofit Central and was specifically created for volunteer-led nonprofit organizations who are often overwhelmed by complex accounting programs.
  • In this blog, we’ll walk you through the best free nonprofit resources in each category and explain how you can get the most value from each of them.
  • Some libraries will even give you a one-time code to do your search from your home or office.

MoneyPatrol addresses this concern by offering its software for free. This cost-saving aspect allows nonprofits to allocate their limited resources to their mission and programs instead of investing in expensive software solutions. You can use QuickBooks Enterprise Nonprofit to track expenses and donations, budget by program and compare to actuals, and create donor and grant reports. This version of QuickBooks allows you to accept donations and securely store donor information in your database. If you upgrade to the Gold, Platinum, or Diamond plans, you can even get payroll services for your organization and pay your staff directly through QuickBooks. Financial accountability is a key concern for nonprofits, and MoneyPatrol’s free budget software addresses this need.


You may also need Office 365 for key products like Word and Excel. Office 365 is easy to use, and many of the people you’ll work with will already know how to use these tools. Going into the new year is a little less daunting when you have the right nonprofit tools to help you be more productive, efficient, and effective in running your nonprofit. Free monthly newsletter sharing trends, tools, and insights on nonprofit operations and compliance.