50 Ice breaker Games & Questions to Energize Your Meetings

Most people love talking about when they interacted with or were close to a celebrity. Someone may have had front-row seats to a Taylor Swift concert, while another met Chris Evans at a coffee shop. You’ll immediately learn which celebrities everyone likes, which reveals what kinds of movies, TV shows, and music they like. Everyone can submit their answers with a web form or in the chat while you’re discussing the potential within each team member. Get creative and have fun while keeping the conversation light. Your team members might attend trivia night in their hometowns or play it with their families.

You never know if someone is struggling with something or has something nice to share. Ask everyone in the meeting to describe their current feelings/situation with an emoji – or a string of emojis. You just need to ask everyone on the call to grab a piece of paper and a black marker.

Fun Ice Breaker Games

Next, ask everyone to add a coloured dot to each dimension based on whether they’re crushing it or have room to improve. Using the chat in zoom, participants share ideas / challenges and then additions / solutions. Learn how to transform your difficult relationship.I’ll show you my science-based approach to building a strong, productive relationship with even the most difficult people. Don’t forget to motivate your team to participate with simple prizes like $5 gift cards, a lunch surprise, a team shoutout, or front-of-office parking for the week.

Even post-pandemic, remote teams and virtual communication will become more common than ever. Here are some of our favorite virtual ice breakers for fun team meetings. Try one of these in your next virtual meeting and let us know how it went in the comments below. Hosted by experts from all over the world, you can pick categories, from light-hearted to educational, and a host provides a fun and realistic icebreaking activity. Then all you have to do is sit back, relax and watch as your team creates unbreakable bonds by doing tasks that are designed to bring any team together. For the Airbnb team building and icebreaker games that we love the most, check out our full list of Airbnb virtual experiences here.

Icebreaker examples for meetings and presentations

Adding an element of recognition and appreciation within the team is also a great way to boost morale. Check out these examples for productivity boosting ice breakers. These shouldn’t be rushed, so make sure you leave enough time for genuine conversation around the answers during the meeting.

  • Create an abbreviation using your company’s mission statement or your team’s name before writing it on a whiteboard so everyone can take turns guessing.
  • This playful method creates a powerful shared picture of the feelings in the group.
  • Then, put people with different backgrounds in pairs to discuss in huddle rooms.
  • Whether you are currently running a remote team due to the pandemic or your team has been virtual for years, virtual ice breakers can help just about any Zoom call or meeting.
  • Personalities, hobbies, and more will come to light and forge new friendships.

Provide each team with a poster board, canvas, markers, paints, or other creative mediums. You can also hang a giant paper roll over an office wall to create a larger-scale ongoing collaboration. Then, gather everyone in a large circle (or virtual meeting) and have one person read the first item on the list. Coworkers can vote on who best fits the description and explain why. The process repeats as the list passes, allowing everyone to participate equally.

examples of show and tell ice breakers:

Days before the meeting ask your coworkers to send you a picture of their home office. Every Monday (or day you choose), share a picture of the office and they need to guess whose office is that one. The two truths and one line, as the name suggests, is about telling people two things that are true about you and one lie. They need to guess which ones are true and which one is a lie.

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It’s an easy way to help everyone have fun because there are no stakes or rules. The activity serves as a brief energiser during a workshop, and helps to get creativity flowing. At the end of this method, each team member will be a little more familiar with each other. By using groups of just a few people, you can ensure each person gets space to share and the relationships that are built on this foundation can be meaningful indeed. After a few statements, I like to invite the group to include a stretch or other optional movement when speaking, which other team members must then try to follow.

There will be a lot to talk about, maybe even some arguments about which candy or which movie is the best. You’ll start a meeting with some laughs and get your colleagues in a good mood before a meeting. If you need a guaranteed conversation starter, try a question that brings back childhood or teenage years memories – they provide an inexhaustible source of amusement. If your teammates are scattered around the world, kick off your meeting by sending a virtual hi to each one of them. Our ‘magic cube’ random question generator will do that for you. Everyone can contribute and so you’ll take an instant pulse check on how everyone is feeling before the meeting.

  • This allows everyone to get to know each other and adds the fun piece of finding out how sneaky some people can be.
  • A variation on the “find 10 things in common game,” this requires people to really make an effort to learn about each other.
  • This classical school presentation can be applied to team meetings.
  • Something is endearing about letting people show off their knowledge on specific topics.
  • Virtual icebreakers can be particularly helpful for new team members who may feel isolated or disconnected in a virtual setting.

By playing the “This or That” game, you can learn a lot about your team’s preferences, dislikes, and sense of humor. We’ve put together a list of large group icebreakers that are perfect for getting employees to talk, bond, and be engaged. So whether you’re looking for team building icebreakers for new employees or ways to energize your team during a meeting, this list has you covered. Now that you have 100 virtual ice breaker questions at the ready, that means 100 more opportunities for your team to bond and become closer than ever before. Virtual work can be slightly isolating, especially without human interaction in the smallest forms like meeting at the coffee machine or having small talk in the elevator. Virtual team ice breakers can break down communication barriers, encourage creativity and collaboration while also decreasing feelings of isolation.