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This is because investing in this card will enable you to benefit from fixed weekly prices on high-end fuel, such as FuelSave Diesel. This will help you avoid regional fuel cost fluctuations when refuelling at over 1000 fuel stations, 50% of which are on the motorway. We will also cover recommendations while also helping you understand more about iCompario’s free fuel card comparison tool, which will help you find the best option for your business. The main advantage to this is you can work towards improving your credit score and showing to a fuel card provider you can meet bills. So, you’ll need to carefully calculate how much fuel you’re expecting to use each week.

Can QuickBooks be used for bookkeeping?

Does QuickBooks offer bookkeeping services? Yes! QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping is an online bookkeeping service that connects small businesses with trusted, QuickBooks-certified virtual bookkeepers.

At MPP, he is responsible for alliance management with generic manufacturers (MPP licensees). Ashok comes with 15 years of rich experience in pharma industry with a knowledge of generic pharmaceutical product development, project management and business development, having worked for companies such as Famy Care & Zydus Cadila. Prior to joining MPP, he was heading the Project Management function at Bliss GVS Pharma Ltd.

Petrol, diesel prices to drop to GHC9.50 and GHC11.60 shortly, says IES

Peter has provided technical assistance related to patents and licensing to public agencies and civil society organisations in more than three dozen countries. His work has supported major health cost savings and new state access to medicine policies, as well as helped defeat harmful proposals in legislation and trade deals. Peter and his colleagues have helped organise the global movement for COVID vaccine access and rallied support for new vaccine manufacturing funding and technology transfer. Peter studied technology law at Berkeley Law School (University of California) and anthropology at The College of William & Mary in Virginia. He is an affiliate fellow with the Information Society Program at Yale Law School.

  • Ike James joined MPP in March 2022 as Head of Technology Transfer within the newly created Technology Transfer Unit.
  • He is the author of several books (the most recent published by Oxford University Press, Kluwer Law and Edward Elgar) and of numerous articles.
  • This is an arrangement you can have with fuel card suppliers where you tell the provider your usual fuel spend.
  • Hardly the second best option, that there are any number of young drivers itching to attain Class 1 & 2 driver status, to join the band of brothers who leave home for anything from 16 hrs a day or three weeks (for tampers) with little or no facilities in the UK.
  • She has supported the start-up of three businesses in different sectors including the Greentech industry and was a founding member of the Women’s Equality Party where she raised the funds to launch this new political party in the UK.

Friede is the scientific officer responsible for vaccine delivery systems within the Initiative for Vaccine Research (IVR) at the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland. In this position he is the WHO focal point for matters related to the development of technologies to improve vaccines including adjuvants, stabilization methods needle-free vaccine delivery systems. Her experience with TB has made her determined to dedicate her time and energy to participate in advocacy for TB control locally and internationally. Mridula is also the founder of Diabetes Fighters’ Trust, a not-for-profit focused upon prevention as well as better management of Diabetes in urban and rural India using the concept of community ownership. She is passionate to help people with Diabetes better manage their condition by empowering them with the essential tools according to their individual as well as population needs.


Most modern employers have computerized systems to keep track of hourly employee hours. A wage is compensation paid to employees for work for a company during a period of time. As you can see, a lost wage calculation for an injury can be complicated and it is important to discuss the calculation with an experienced personal injury lawyer before settling an injury case.

truckers bookkeeping service

If you’re looking to change your career then you might want to think about looking into a haulage career which might not be your first choice but is an in demand occupation and will be for some time. Flatbed transporters are frequently paid more than dry van haulers due to the danger inherent in this type of transport. Because the loads are frequently oddly shaped or enormous, the journey to their destination will be more challenging and need more expertise and experience. Freight hauling is a sort of truck driving duty that encompasses all locations and cargo that do not fall within the dry van hauling banner. Freight transporters may be required to convey dangerous, liquid, or enormous cargo that dry haulers are not permitted to transport. The following is a list of the highest-paying trucking jobs in the United States right now.

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And if you work as an import-export agent, you have to manage shipments and logistics, comply with import-export regulations, provide customer service, and more. A tanker transporter is one of bookkeeping for startups the most hazardous and in-demand trucking services available today. Companies are willing to pay top bucks for drivers who are willing to take on the risk of transporting liquids on the road.

  • Lobna Gaayeb leads the scientific information team at the Medicines Patent Pool, working closely with the MPP’s Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP) to support the identification, prioritization and monitoring of medicines targeted by MPP in-licensing efforts.
  • More recently, he worked for the NCD Alliance where he was responsible for strategic engagement with multilateral partners, corporations, foundations, and NGOs.
  • Previously, Jane worked as a film producer making human rights documentaries and feature films in Europe, Asia and America.
  • Pushpa’s industry advisory engagement spans the breadth of specialty/branded pharmaceuticals as well as generics across small molecules, peptides, biologicals and regenerative medicine.

Amy has twenty years of experience in the fields of public health, water & sanitation, and governance, spanning community-based organisations, international NGOs, global health partnerships, and United Nations institutions. Amy also previously served as Special Advisor to the Civil Society Representative on the Gavi Alliance Board, simultaneously coordinating the Gavi CSO Constituency and Gavi CSO Steering Committee. Sandra Nobre joined the Medicines Patent Pool in October 2018 as Head of Business Development. Sandra has had a successful career within the pharmaceutical industry over the past 17 years and in her previous position as the Senior Director of Global Business Development at pharmaceutical company Takeda. Sandra enjoys working internationally and integrates well with multicultural and multinational companies.

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From starting a limited company to tax efficiency tips, we’ve a range of business guides for you to download and keep. Stay up-to-date with the latest news affecting small businesses, get business tips and tax saving advice. For many years I have been using Deep Sky Stacker to align and stack my short exposure frames to give the result of a longer exposure. More recently, two new stacking programs have become available; Starry Landscape Stacker (~£38.99) and Sequator (free, but a contribution by paypal for a cup of coffee or two is suggested). They both have the ability to treat the sky and any foreground separately – great for wide angle night landscapes. In this case, a fixed tripod is used with exposures short enough to prevent star trailing.

truckers bookkeeping service